Cycling in the rain: Advice for winter commuting




2 thoughts on “Cycling in the rain: Advice for winter commuting

  1. Hi Karl

    Have you ever tried a Rain cape? I seen a few of them around lately.

    PS. Thanks for the review of the Vivente, I ended up buying one and like you I am pleased with the purchase.

    • Hi David

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I have seen rain capes before but they are extremely unusual here in Perth. Most people just wear a light rain/wind resistant jacket, long sleeve jersey and longer tights (or pants) during winter. i think if you are travelling slowly a rain cape could be good, but at higher speeds the best bet is a properly designed jacket for wet weather cycling.

      I’m glad you found my review of the Vivente useful. I found that there wasn’t much on this bike out there as it is a smaller company within an already small and niche market (although growing at a fast rate!). I am still very happy with the VWR although as I use it I am definitely identifying things that I would like to change or modify in the future, such as the gear cables from the STI levers getting in the way of larger sized bar bags on medium and small sized models of the STI version of the VWR. This isn’t an issue limited to this particular bike though, and there’s lots of relatively inexpensive and easy work-arounds to solve these types of minor issues.

      I’ve got some more articles in the works to publish before I head off on my trip to Europe next month. I’ll be taking my bike and doing some solo touring for about a month.. so stay tuned.

      Happy cycling!


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