User review: Trangia 27-8 UL/HA ‘storm-proof’ stove for cycle touring, camping, hiking and general adventuring!




5 thoughts on “User review: Trangia 27-8 UL/HA ‘storm-proof’ stove for cycle touring, camping, hiking and general adventuring!

  1. Nice review, but you might want to re-think your use of term “ultra-light”. I very much doubt any ultra-lighter would consider a cooking set weighing in at 860 grams as being ultralight; in all honesty I would suggest it does not tick the lightweight box either. Your review would benefit I would suggest of removing the “marketing descriptors.”.

    • Very true Andrew. The term ‘ultralight’ is a description Trangia use to describe the new range of cooksets over the older, heavier range of sets. Not a description of the product in a more broader use of the term ‘ultralight’. I’ll fix my post tomorrow to make that clear for other readers.

      I don’t think that 860gm is much either considering it covers the stove burner, wind shields, pan grip, pans, kettle etc all in one set. If you wanted to go lighter you could dump the 2nd pot and the kettle.

      Thanks for reading & commenting my review!

      • My complete cooking system weighs in at 270 grams. On a comparison basis with the Trangia that compatible component weighs 202 grams 🙂

        My complete cooking system includes windshield, stove, caddy (storage/cup), pot, firesteel, matches and cleaning cloth, fuel measuring cup.

        I still think it could be lighter 🙂

  2. One point to add about fuels – Trangia do make an alternate burner insert for multi-fuels that enables you to run it on shellite, petrol, kreo or deisel should you wish. Makes it more viable to run it in some parts of the world where meths may not be available readily.

    • Hi il padrone

      Thanks for stopping buy and leaving a comment.

      The two main issues with this is the cost (the multi-fuel accessory is pretty expensive) and the weight (+525g for the multi-fuel attachment). I think I’d prefer to just buy a MSR Whisperlite International or Dragonfly if I wanted something that could run off multiple fuel types while being well priced and light weight. I like the idea of carrying and using methylated spirits as it is quite a safe and inert substance compared to petrol or other hydrocarbon fuels. But as you mentioned sourcing methylated spirits can be difficult compared to petrol in certain countries so you really have to weigh up where you are going and what you are doing.

      Here’s the link to the Trangia accessory section for anyone interested:

      Happy cycling!


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