Taking your touring bike overseas: My experience with excess baggage restrictions



6 thoughts on “Taking your touring bike overseas: My experience with excess baggage restrictions

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  2. Great blog post. My husband & I are planning a campervan trip around France & Germany next year. We want to take our bikes but reading all of the airline luggage rules was doing my head in!
    Thanks for doing the research for me. Enjoy your trip.

    • No problems. Just be aware that luggage allowances change often so call to double check before booking a ticket. I know a few people who have been caught out. Campervan would be great to have. I’ve been using the trains with my bike in France and it’s a hassle to say the least. Especially on longer trips.

      Enjoy your trip and good luck with your planning!


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  4. Hope it’s not too late to reply to this thread.

    I have tripped back over to Europe with a bike several times since settling is Australia over 20 years ago. The last time was 2008, but will be flying back over there with a tourer in 2014.

    My bikes are fitted with S&S couplers as I am a big rider. This allows them to be packed into a smaller case, but the empty case weighs 7kg anyway!

    My thoughts on weight restrictions are:

    1) Fly Emirates – on all economy flights they offer a 30kg allowance as standard compared to the 23kg offered by most other airlines.

    2) Take less. I only take expensive lightweight washable underclothes and outdoor gear such as a fleece and a Goretex rain jacket. And a lightweight sleeping bag and tent, and that’s it. 7kg can be taken in the cabin. Any other clothes, spares, lock and tools I buy when I reach my destination.

    3) Consider sending luggage ahead. In 2008 my wife and i went over for a 4 month cycle tour of Europe so we sent camping gear and a few other items ahead using a cheap luggage forwarding service (we used Pack&Send). I think they charge $15 per kilo and it arrived at it’s English forwarding address in 4 days! We just then took our bikes with us and some hand luggage.

    4) If you travel to the same destination whenever you go over as a starting point (eg to family or friends) consider buying a second bike and leaving it over there. If you like your travel bike too much then just buy some touring wheels, racks, mudguards and leave them over there. Then at least you only need to take a stripped-down bike minus the wheels with you. After all, the frame, saddle handlebars and pedals provide most of the contact between you and the bike and are the critical dimensions that you want to use wherever you cycle.

    Just some thoughts anyway

    • Hi Tony

      Thanks for your comment and adding to the discussion.

      Also for others to keep in mind that 30kg is the official limit for Emirates, however if you are slightly over is would be unusual for them to give you grief. Postage is so extrememly expensive from Australia is is worth the risk of just taking your gear with you and being slightly overweight. Of course less is more. Having essential, good quality, light weight gear is ideal.



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